Event Hosting

Our space doubles as a venue for making your next party or meeting unique!  The public rooms—double front parlor, library, dining room, back porch and courtyard—are perfect spaces for:

•Workshops and rehearsals
•Receptions and showers
•Small recitals
•Meetings and auditions
•Movie screenings and photo shoots
•Or most other things you can dream up that fit in our space.

We will help you make it happen and work with your caterer as well. With 20+ years of experience as an event coordinator, our manager, Pamela, will be more than happy to assist you to plan your next party or meeting.  Call 504-292-3429 for assistance.

Room/Area Accommodates       Hourly Rate*


(Receptions, Parties, Photo Shoots, Film screening & Recitals)

20 – 30

$100 - $200

Dining Area

(Corporate meetings, Readings & Tea Parties)

6 – 8

$50 - $75


(Receptions, Showers, Small Parties, Workshops, Photo shoots & Readings)

15 – 25

$75 - $200

House & Courtyard

(Receptions, Large Parties, Photo Shoots & Corporate meetings)

50 – 60

(Call for pricing f/ 60+)

$250 - $350

*Rates are determined by specific needs / occasions.